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Be Productive with a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Want to be better at cleaning your pool? Get yourself a robotic cleaner! Let it do the cleaning your pool requires from you while you do other chores.

Here are the ways on how a robotic pool cleaner can make you more productive:

It can maintain your pool chemicals for you

Dolphin-Premier-RoboticYou no longer have to worry about unsafe and imbalanced chemicals in your pool water. That’s because a robotic cleaner features state-of-the-art brushing tech that scrubs every side and edge of your pool wall efficiently, removing all the pollutants, dust, algae, and evenly distributing pool chemicals. As a matter of fact, you can even use fewer chemicals after having a robotic cleaner since the latter can keep the pool water clean and safe for swimmers. Because let’s just be honest—having a lot of pool chemicals in the pool doesn’t sound completely safe for anyone.

It requires minimal maintenance

Robotic pool cleaners from don’t demand much of your time when it comes to maintenance. They’re easy to maintain, thereby giving you more time to do other relevant tasks in the office or at home.

Hayward-RC9990GR-TigerSharkThese intelligent machines come with their own filtration system which works independently from your main filter system. The dirt is trapped in their filter bags, making it easy for you to get rid of the dirt. Because of this feature, you can say goodbye to the backwashing that needs ample time and energy! All you got to do is to take out the filter, remove the dirt from the bag, then return it. Easy-peasy!

It’s efficient at cleaning on its own


Robotic pool cleaners need no babysitting. Just plug it in, and let it roam around your pool for more or less three hours, and be amazed! Even assembly isn’t difficult. The installation is straightforward and not time-consuming. Plus, because it can scan the dimension and shape of your pool, you don’t have to change its direction now and then! Seriously, just press the power button, dip it into your pool, and leave it. That’s satisfaction at its best.

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6 Things You Can Do Today To BE More Productive


Productivity, like most things in life, is a work in progress where you will always find room for improvement. So if you are feeling unproductive, don’t despair and instead focus on the things you can change to get the results you want. Here are just some of the things you can do today that will help you become more productive.

1. Get an earlier headstart
Take a leaf out of many successful people’s book and begin your day earlier than the time you usually start with work. Starting your day at least an hour or two earlier allows you to prepare in a more relaxed pace. It also gives you plenty of time for other activities that will set you off to a good start for the day.

2. Make a smarter to-do list
Not everything you think you need to do should be on your to-do list. You need to have a game plan. Focus on the most important tasks that will impact your short and stretch goals. With only a finite number of hours accomplish things at any given day, you have to determine your priorities.

3. Schedule and use breaks
Plan your day with at least 30-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. You can either divide the time into 10-minute chunks or take one full thirty-minute break. But no matter how busy things get, make sure to have a break and step away from your work area to refresh your mind and body.

4. Manage distractions
Set a fixed time to read and reply to emails, check social media accounts, and whatever non-work related online activity you have to do. Turn off all notifications and put your phone in silent mode. If possible, use online tools and apps that let you work on your computer with minimal distractions. You might be surprised as to how much time you can save when you identify and manage distractions early on.

5. Switch-off at a set time
Set a deadline or switch off time. This not only adds a sense of urgency to your to-do list. It also develops the self-discipline that promotes work-life balance. By setting a fixed time when you have to stop working, you challenge yourself to make the most of the work time you have to accomplish the things you set out to do for the day.

6. Unwind and review your day
Use the time after work to unwind and review your day. You need time to relax and replenish your energy if you want to avoid getting burned out. You can make the most of your downtime to review what you have accomplished for the day and what you may need to improve on tomorrow.

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