Doing More with an Oscillating Tool

As a handyman or DIY lover, most of us aim for productivity. Well, even if we’re doing something else, productivity would still be essential. But doing more will be a lot easier for a handyman or DIY enthusiast if he or she owns an oscillating tool. That’s because the multitool can accomplish a lot of tasks, making it a wise investment. These are just some of the things that this handyman tool can do:

Remove old paint


An oscillating tool is perfect for removing bumping or loose paint. Just use the steel scraper blade to the tool, and you’re good to go. After getting rid of the old paint, remember to smoothen the wood or metal that’s underneath the paint you removed. You can use a random orbital sander or a sanding pad for this. Actually, if you’re using wood, you can even use the oscillating tool to sand the material (more of this later). I recommend using rough-grit abrasive sandpaper first before you gradually switch to finer ones. Doing this will save you a lot of time.

Sand wood

Yes, an oscillating tool can also smoothen wood and wood fillers. That’s just how impressive of a machine it is. All you need to do is to fasten the sanding attachment for the job. Now you can clear up overcoat finishes with ease! You can also switch from one kind of sandpaper to another, thanks to the hook-and-loop abrasives available. If you want to smoothen broad surfaces, trust that large, triangular-shaped pad. It’s one of the most reliable sanding accessories. Of course, use the pointed sanding ones when you need to flatten out cracks and tight corners. Don’t worry about narrow spaces; the oscillating tool has a compact size ready to overcome small areas.

Help you prepare your floor


Want to install new flooring? Your oscillating tool can help you with that task. If you attach the flush-cutting blade on the device, you can quickly slice through the doorjambs, giving you ample time to do other tasks. Because we don’t really want to spend a lot of our time on corners, do we? With a scrap of flooring as your guide and with this multitasking tool, you can create clean and straight cuts to help you install new flooring without any difficulty.

Create flush cuts

As mentioned earlier, this tool also comes with a flush-cutting blade, which means you can correctly make flush cuts in wood, drywall, and metal using that half-moon blade. Cutting will never be the same and will never be as easy as it was before. The blade, which has an increased surface area, allows you to hold the multitool straight to a line as you cut through the material. Who said cutting have to be difficult anyway?

Split tubes


Since we’re already talking about cutting, then let me segue from flush cuts to cutting almost anything—plastic, copper, even old galvanized metal pipes! Splitting can be done without hassle as long as you use the correct blade. Obviously, the oscillating tool is versatile. With the several blades it comes with, you can cut through tubes with ease, even if they’re behind walls, inside cabinets, in ceilings, or under the floor!

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