Tools and Resources for Self-Learners

Self-education is one of the pillars of continual growth. Whatever stage in your life you may be right now, there is always room for discovering and learning new things. And the great thing about being a self-learner in the age of information is the wealth of online tools and resources you can use for free to learn something new.

Websites and Online Course Platforms
::: Online learning platform where you can learn to code interactively
::: Online courses from some of the world’s best universities
::: Access top-notch education from leading universities like Harvard, MIT, University of California Berkeley and more
::: An online financial education resource
::: Free content you can use to learn new knowledge or skills at your own pace

MIT OpenCourseWare 
::: An online platform that makes virtually all MIT course content accessible
::: Cultural and educational resouces you can access for free
::: Short, fascinating, informative, and inspiring talks that offer a wealth of ideas worth spreading
::: Online learning platform that gives you access to thousands of courses


Available on: iOS and Android
::: Learn new languages for free

Available on: iOS and Android
::: Self-directed learning resources from some of the best educational institutions in the world

Available on: iOS and Android
::: Take notes, photos, and more

Khan Academy
Available on: iOS
::: Access downloadable educational videos

Available on: iOS and Android
::: Browse through a collection of informative TED Talks that can be a source of great ideas and learning